Prioritize your Wellbeing


Prioritize what works for you, save time and money. Align your energy with your goals.  Evolve and heal. Work from the base of what has created patterns and issues in this life or past lives,  Move forward by creating achievable goals.


With so many options in the world, it is important to know what will truly be healing.  Trust in that deeper connection with Gaia, the divine guides, and our oneness with what is.  Go beyond marketing and preconceptions of what is healing. Some of the options may be simple, some may require simple beginnings,  their source is likely to be whole.


Aligning with your higher being to create clear changers to your energy field.  As we go through life we can collect a variety of energies.  from the physical, emotional, sensations, and spiritual that can expand or contract our being in this world.  Knowing where to focus the attention for changing energies is done through the connection to light in the third eye.   It can be used for a variety of issues.   From  acute issues like pain and balance to more long term issues like self esteem, asthma or removing trauma  


 Chakras, Auras, Meridians, and the Tree of Life are ancient ways of looking at energy in the body.  Using these systems gives an overview of how you are.  Align with the system that best describes you.  All these systems describe us in an integrated way for the body, mind, and soul.  There are also purely physical systems like respiratory, circulatory, muscular...

Tune-up your whole system by shifting energies at a deep level.


The heart wall is a popular energy field to clear to open after having your heart broken and create a situation where you can be in touch with your heart instead of protecting it.  Blocks in energy are considered in many energy systems as the source of illness.  A cacoon is something that you may need to emerge from to show your potential.    Free yourself from what is holding you back today.


When do we get rid of toxins well from our system and when do we hold onto them.   Looking at our being in its wholeness and clearing these energies is an important path to wellness.   There is also a range of ways to detox the body and it is always good to pick the best. 

Sometimes we just need to relax and breathe.   Experience this with a combination of massage techniques and energy shifting or just the massage on it's own.



Helping you move forward towards your goals is part of the service.  A negotiation about the suggestions given and how you would like to implement these.   Discussions about what you see as getting in the way   Tarot readings and a look at past life experiences can also be a part of what is offered


Changes in animal's energy fields can be profound and greatly improve quality of life.   Some options include:

- sensitivity to noise.


-physical discomforts.


-relationships with others 

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